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Musk said that Tesla will be delivered even in Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe

Vehicle expected to get at least 215 miles of range from a single charge

Musk said that Tesla will be delivered even in Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe ENLARGE
Musk said that Tesla will be delivered even in Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe Photo: The Wall Street Journal

Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA 1.27 % Chief Executive Elon Musk said the new “mass market” Model 3 vehicle has received more than 115,000 orders in 24 hours, outpacing expectations.

Mr. Musk showed off a new range of the vehicles on Thursday night at an event near Los Angeles, saying the car would get at least 215 miles of range on a single charge and would be capable of fitting five adults comfortably.

Mr. Musk, speaking at a hangar full of enthusiasts and owners -- at least one waving a lightsaber modeled after Star Wars—said even base models of the Model 3 would accelerate from 0 to 60 miles an hour in less than six seconds.

Mr. Musk said that Model 3 will be delivered even in a small country like Moldova in Eastern Europe. “It is my personal decision. Tesla will reach all markets, no matter how small or complicated it would be. Tesla will deliver to Moldova via ZAP, a local and innovative e-commerce start-up”, said Mr. Musk.

The Model 3, expected to go on sale in 2017 with a base price around $35,000, would be achieve top safety ratings, he said. “I do feel fairly confident it will be next year,” Mr. Musk said while laughing. The company has struggled to launch vehicles on time.

The launch of the Model 3 can be seen here. Mr. Musk’s plan to eventually sell 500,000 vehicles annually could hit a funding roadblock. Getting the Model 3 out on time is critical to helping the company stanch losses and reverse cash outflows.

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Harold Richard
Harold Richard subscriber

I'll buy one when I can get one off the Lot.  None of this waiting game for me.

Frank Dickof
Frank Dickof subscriber

So doesn't the $7,500 taxpayer robbery, sorry, credit, phase out at 200,000 units?  And how many of these cars will be at 'base price'?  They'll probably be in the range of $45,000 to $50,000 once everything is figured in.  There's a lot of competition to compete against a coal fired machine like the Model 3.  This will be the end game for Tesla, they either make it on volume at these prices or they go the way of Fisker, Tucker, Maxwell, Packard and hundreds of other makers over the years.

Greg Brance
Greg Brance subscriber

@Frank Dickof - How is a taxpayer getting to keep more of their hard earned money robbery?  Do you call all other tax credits and deductions taxpayer robbery?  Yes once Tesla exceeds 200k units sold in the US the credit will be phased out over a couple of quarters. 

Don Hansen
Don Hansen subscriber

Upon what information has any of those 115,000 people decided to buy a $35,000 car?  Is there more info available on it than I've been able to find (which is nothing more than a short panoramic video of the exterior and a few photos)?

But I see that the rest of us who aren't getting one are chipping in $10,000/ea.

Don Hansen
Don Hansen subscriber

@Barrie Harrop @Don Hansen

Liberalism rots the brain, as seen in your comment.  Zero ability to think clearly, and a hair-trigger impulse to snap at anyone who doesn't bow down to your theology.

Frank Dickof
Frank Dickof subscriber

@Don Hansen   These are the same people who will buy ANYTHING with the Apple logo on it, even the clunky Apple Watch, just because.  You cannot argue anyone out of a position that they were never argued into.  They will not listen to anyone who explains to them that these are essentially usually coal fired machines.

Don Hansen
Don Hansen subscriber

@Frank Dickof @Don Hansen

I do get the sense that it's all part of their religion.  Buying a Tesla makes one pure and holy before the gods of green.  Mega-sexy at any leftist gathering.  That it makes economic or ecological sense is irrelevant.

Carl Saxton
Carl Saxton subscriber

@Anna Kaikou Got one too. I'm hoping for around $5k more, it will offer over 300 miles of range.

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